Friday 21 April 2017

Making an X Y Plotter by: Tim

My Progress in making an X Y Plotter.

The X and Y axis, connected by a slider in the middle.

Added Feet to the X axis.

Added Timing Belt Clamp

Added Support for Circuit Board

View along X Axis.

Another view of X Axis.
( Y Axis is very similar but upside down to this )

Added Circuit Board with Sensors attached to locate Stop Arms.

Added Wiring for Y Axis Stepper Motor.

Also Added wiring for Servo on end of Y Axis.

Also Made Bridge to support Cables.

Made and added Driver Board and wiring for X Axis stepper Motor.

Added Arduino to Driver Board and made support for X Axis Cables.
Also made a Pen Holder and attached that to the end of the Y Axis.

Modified my Software to convert Text to G-Code.

Made an attachment to take a small Electric Drill and did an Engraving on Glass

First attempt at Engraving on Glass.

Click here to see Video

Second Attempt at Engraving.
Got it to draw a Circuit with an Etch resistant Pen.
Got it to Drill the Holes in the Circuit Board.

Created a vinyl sticker for the front of my PC case.

I have a web site as well: Tim's Place

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